Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hello from Sabah here :)) yes..I'm finally settle down here in Sabah, got a job with a very good company and a good colleague as well too, so double the happines.

I'm in the office right now, a bit sleepy but I'm happy because I'm finally here in Sabah a place of my own :)

Alright signing off for now, got work to do. Laters!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nak pergi mana kak?

Hey..Happy Sunday!

For those don't understand the tittle it means "where you would like to go, Sis?" Sister here means the big sister and I feel so old huh!. I'm still in my twenties as of now well..another 1+ month going to leave my tweeentiess..Oh gosh.

Maybe other people think, "oh come on! it's just a number" but when people who ARE older than me calling me SISTER/KAKAK it's just not right at all or maybe they just want to be polite but seriously that's not nice .

Perhaps I look older than my age? Noooo, I have proof that I'm not, read below,

Proof no. 1
Last week I chat with my Boss Mum, she ask me how old am I..and I said 30 (well technically not yet but who want to say I'm 29 yrs 11month and so on days, hah! :) ) so she's a bit shock and said to me those lovely phrase.."Oh, I though you only 24 or 25yrs old! I didn't know you already in your 30" Well I just smile ear to ear.

Proof  no.2
A few months back the lady from another office asked my age and so I said 30, she's shocked I tell you...hehehe She though I'm still 19 or 20 OMG... It's getting younger mind you.

Proof no. 3
My Ex-colleague, she know I'm 29 at that time I'm applying for the job well she saw my resume but still when I start working there like a few months later she told me that I look younger than my age and best part is she told me if you wear those high school student uniform you still look like you in your teenage age...oh I love her!

See there's a 3 proof there and it's more than enough to proof that I look younger than my age..ok I'm not trying to brag or show off or whatever it is just that MAYBE I still can't accept that I'm getting old (Pun intended)..Yes I think I'm not and still can't accept I'm leaving my twenties soon.

My whole twenties I spend knowing what's life is, what love is, what money is all about, being an adult, being responsible and being the CEO of your own life. So far and sad to be told that I didn't achieve anything yet but I'm getting there hopefully next year is a good year for me since this year is quite 'uninterested' for me.

My life this year is so damn boring and stressful, no life, no friends around me, didn't travel at all, living with a selfish house mate, Boss that irritates you all the time, boyfriend that thinks football can give him a peaceful life for a merely 90 minutes and after that what?

Anyway I'm going back for Christmas looking forward for this I'm extremely excited since I haven't celebrate Christmas for 7 years but the thought of seeing my relatives and the bonus question which I really don't like to talk about..."hey this So and So got married and have babies now, when is your turn?" "Don't wait to long otherwise you can't conceive" (WTF) "Don't be so picky", etc..etc.., well who want to get married and get divorce after that, just because everyone getting married and I should get married also? Well I do want to get married, my maternal instinct is kicking me so damn hard now but let's just think this when I finally found the Man, shall we?

Need to find a 'Medium" so he/she can help me to find the 'Man" hahahah ok not funny and seriously I'm gonna do it...

ok night night, yikes I haven't shower yet! Bubye!

Monday, November 7, 2011

That day my eye swollen.

Hello..:) How is everyone? How's the long weekend? Great? good...:)

I woke up this morning with a swollen left eye, I don't know how and why I get that but I conclude that the cockroaches pee my left eye while I'm sleeping...hahaha doesn't make sense and gross but I don't have any allergy and I don't even eat any seafood at all except that I ate salad and KFC...speaking of dieting :).

Luckily its not so swollen now but it hurt when I try to rub my left eye..just hope it goes away when I woke up tomorrow. It's been boring weekend for me, I didn't go out too and I'm seriously need a friend here in Johor but I couldn't find one too..Oh crap never mind! I'm thinking to go back Sabah and look for a job anytime soon in fact I already did searching now but no reply yet, huh!

So nothing much interesting happening to me lately, work is a night mare to me now but it will go, I hope! other than that NOTHING...

Oh my life is so "unhappening"...there goes my last twenties...Gosh I need weed! Bye..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The view II

Heyy..:) I spend my Saturday just browsing through internet the whole day..oh not really I did re-arrange my bedroom and I love it, I move the my computer table facing the window so at least I have a nice view and I'm loving it because the view I get is priceless when the night come :)

I'm going to Singapore tomorrow..actually I'm a bit lazy to go there but got things to do on Monday so I need to go..Why tomorrow it's only Sunday? well need to meet up with my SO been like 2 weeks I think I didn't meet him oh well..:)

Oh yeah..I wanted to share the view from my window, well not exactly from my window hehehe I took it from my sister place tho :)

I was trying to capture the full moon..

Zoom in the full moon..ehmm just using mobile phone this is the best  shoot I can get :)

The full moon and the night view.

OK I think enough with all the view hahah..I've always dream to stay in a high rise place before, I just love seeing the view I don't know why but I just love it..hah! Nite Nite..:)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The view...


So continue with my 'relocating'..btw, It's not that I don't like or hate JB it's just that I need sometime to adapt a new life here, new people and everything that's include language because my own Sabah dialect is totally different with west Malaysia dialect. I just rent a room for the time being now can't find a place to rent the whole house tho, I do saw some advertisement renting out the whole house but it's damn far from town area and if I found nearby here the rental is killing me too. Anyway I like this place because I still can get SG signal here yeaheee:) and the view is just awesome...I can see Sembawang from my 16th floor room luckily I'm not scared of fact I love it weeee!. Here's some pictures I share taken from my room...

 Here is the view from left..That's KSL Mall under construction.
 From the middle...yeah the crane or whatever you call that is blocking my view soon because...?
 And from the right side...nice right :) as you can see, looks like there's a fog, I wish! that's haze actually huh!

And this future apartment will block the awesome view I have now :( if that's happen I'm looking forward to rent out place in KSL muahaha..owh its a shopping mall and soon apartment on top of it nice!

I prefer view at night tho :) next time will share it here again.

OK time for me to continue work...:) bubye...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to Malaysia


Long hiatus and I'm officially back to Malaysia after 7 years in Singapore. I'm not in Sabah tho not quite yet..I'm in JB now and first thing first what I hate about being here is lack of public transport, well I need to go anywhere using Cab and its killing my pocket huhuhu!

Used a lot of money for this 'relocating' and now I'm almost broke..huh blame on me didn't have any saving for emergency but I will make it through this another few more weeks before the next paycheck, grin!

I'm still adapting life in here, I know it's not I'm in Europe or America before but still the difference is still huge..I mean really huge..I hate taking cab here good thing now is they are using meter, so no more 'Oh! to go there from here plus the jam now RM10 or RM15 but the distance is only 1km-2km only,WTF right but eventhough they used meter now lets say the fare is $6.20 and I give $10 should return at least $3.80 or perhaps $4..and when the taxi driver return me back the change its only $3!!! I didn't check it because he fold it and I carry a lot of things too! It occur to me few times already,Hate it!

I just don't like it here that's all and I miss Singapore so much now...I miss my life there now..I can go anywhere there and knowing that I'm not been cheated and safe. Well have to get used of this life now, oh but good things is I can do work from home now so I don't need to travel back and fourth to Singapore everyday and I love it since I can go back Sabah as often as I want.

On another bad story is the very first day I stay here in JB my arrogant brother in law purposely scold my sister in front of me just because he's not happy that I'm going to stay near to their place in fact we are in the same compound just different block...he didn't say in front of me that's he's not happy with it but later after that my sister told me not to come over her place when he's fuck you I come to see my sister and my niece ok! I think he's thinking that I'm going to disturb their life..please..I've got better things to do than to see your stupid and arrogant claim that my family is ungrateful and good for nothing but you forget my sister is part of my family too!

So i'ts been a week now I'm here in JB...hope things will get better soon, I mean my life here not my 'relationship' with my BIL he's unacceptable and I cannot tolerate his 'tyrant' behavior... He's so disgusting, end of story!

Anyway...time to sleep its 2.00am now...happy Monday :) aww!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back from Sabah...

I'm back yesterday...and now I MISS my family soooo soooo soooo much!!!! Feel sucks to be here again and feels so lonely too...previously when I return back from there it's not so bad since my sister and my cousin are with me here...but now I'm alone..all by myself here.

I will share some pictures when I'm not so homesick and down :(.